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We request that GB be made aware of any return situation as soon as possible so that the appropriate arrangements can be made.


There are four primary reasons for product returns:


1)    Shipping Damage: Product was damaged in transit.

2)    Exchanges: Product ordered was the wrong size, voltage, etc.

3)    Returns: Customer ordered, but no longer needs the product.

4)    Warranty: Product failed after being received in good condition.


If GB replaces product for any reason, the product being replaced must be returned to GB for credit, regardless of condition.





GB ships product FOB Destination, pays freight, and is responsible for the product and filing freight claims until the product is received in good condition by the customer.



·    Never sign for a shipment that shows any shows signs of damage without detailing the damage on the carrier’s original shipping document prior to signing *.

·    Severely damaged items should always be rejected.

·    Notify GB of damage or shortage before the driver leaves.

·    Product that is simply refused but not damaged constitutes a return (see “Returns”).

·    The product count must match the shipping documents, and any shortage must be detailed on the carrier’s documents.

·    Rules governing the filing of claims are founded in law and must be followed strictly. Claims are also governed by government regulations, whether intrastate or interstate commerce is involved.


Damage in Transit



Damage has occurred to the shipment while it was in the possession of the freight carrier. Damage to packaging and cartons are usually readily apparent.



Notify GB immediately. If the shipment is received, any damage must be noted in detail on the freight bill at time of delivery. GB will contact the carrier to begin the claim process. GB will either repair or replace the product (after discussing the options with the customer). If a damaged item rejected, it will be returned to the factory and a new item will be shipped as soon as possible at GB’s expense.


Loss in Transit



If GB has shipped product to the customer and it has not been delivered, or a part of the order is missing, and the carrier is unable to locate the shipment, then the shipment may be lost.



The customer is to notify GB when they have not received a shipment within a "reasonable" waiting period after GB had made a shipment. After confirming the GB shipment date and verifying that the carrier is unable locate the shipment, GB will begin the claim process and ship replacement product at GB’s expense.


Concealed Damage



Merchandise is delivered in apparently good condition and the carrier's bill of lading is signed with no mention of damage. Damage is discovered only after the container is opened within a "reasonable" period of time.



Upon signing for the product, the customer legally releases the carrier and GB from any responsibility for damage, unless it is noted on the carriers shipping documents (including the carrier’s copy *). Customer must notify GB immediately of the damage. GB will in turn notify the carrier that a "concealed damage" claim is pending and an inspection is needed. All containers and contents must be kept in a safe place for inspection by the carrier. The carrier will supply an inspection report to accompany the freight claim processed by GB. GB will make every effort to have the product repaired or replaced at the carrier’s expense, or GB‘s, depending on the circumstances. However, GB and the carrier are under no obligation to do so at no charge.


Types of damage and procedure:



Shorted cables on a battery – Reject

Shorted battery connections – Reject

Pinched or nicked insulation on cables – GB will replace part on-site

Spilled batteries – Reject

Punctured batteries – Reject

Cracked or missing plastic insulator – GB will replace part on-site

Cracked / broken plug – GB will replace part on-site

Cosmetic damage, scratches – Call GB (indicates a spill may have occurred)

Other – Call GB



Pinched / damaged cables – GB will replace part on-site

Bent charger panel – Reject, or GB will replace part on-site

More than (1) bent charger panel - Reject

Dislodged transformer – Reject

Cosmetic damage (scratches, pinched cables, etc) – Call GB

Other – Call GB


If an item is free of shipping damage and a problem arises later, we will repair or replace the item under warranty >GB Battery Warranty.


* Noting damage on only the customer copy of the shipping document, or doing so after the carrier leaves the premises, is not an enforceable or effective way to resolve a damaged freight issue.





All exchanges must be pre-paid. In the event that the product is not in the same condition as you received it, you may be subject to a minimum 15% restocking fee, repair charge or disqualification. Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable.


Exchange or return items must be in unused, resalable condition. Resalable Condition means that the product(s):


1)    Are returned in original packing, complete with blank warranty cards, owner’s manual, etc.

2)    Show no sign of wear, use, or abuse.

3)    Have not been changed or modified in any way.


Please call our Customer Service department at 877-4GB-Battery for an RA number and instructions before returning any items. Customer Service is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No returns past 30 days. Special Orders are not covered by this return policy.


The following items are not automatically covered by this return policy, without an RA number, and then are subject to inspection prior to credit:


Charger parts orders, such as fuses, line contactors, resistors, capacitors, diodes, transformers, control cards, ammeters, etc., or Special Orders.


Battery parts orders, such as loose cells, watering systems and accessories,




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