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Name: Lead (Pb).
Use: batteries, old paint and previously gasoline, hobbies, solder.
Source: home, paint, dust, kids-hands to mouth, and workplace.
Recommended daily intake: none (not essential).
Absorption: intestine (50% kids, 10% adults), inhalation.
Sensitive individuals: fetus, children, and women of childbearing age.
Toxicity/symptoms: developmental and nervous system, lowered IQ, memory and learning difficulties, behavioral problems.
Regulatory facts: CDC action level for children 10 g/dl, air - 0.5 mg/m3, EPA - drinking water 15 g/L, not allowed in paint or automobile gasoline, No EPA RfD or RfC, No ATSDR MRL, California drinking water 2 g/L.
General facts: long history of use, major problem in paint of older housing, areas around old smelters can be contaminated.
Environmental: global environmental contaminant.
Recommendations: avoid, wash hands.



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